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FRANCESCO SENISE lives and operates in Lungro (cs),important cultural centre Arbëreshe and seat of byzantine Eparchia, where he was born on 25 August, 1970....READ MORE ↴

Francesco Senise lives and operates in Lungro (cs), important cultural centre Arbëreshe and seat of byzantine Eparchia, where he was born on 25 August, 1970.

To his native place, that he fact deeply loves, he dedicated most of his artistic production. 

A lot of his paintings, in feat draw inspiration from the wonderful landscape that surrounds his town, from the small squares and the alleys that are so typical.

The same “Ciclo dei Salinari” that consecrated him as an artist of great value, owes its origin to presence in the territory of Lungro of a rock-salt mine that for many centuries conditioned the existence of its inhabitants.
The attention almost obsessing of Francesco Senise to the miners sufferings has deep remote roots: as a child he was particularly struck by the presence in the entrance hall of the Elementary School (Camillo Vaccaro),which he frequented, of some sculptures representing plastically the enormous fatigue of the miners crushed by the weight of the salt block they carried on their back.

This sculptures while time elapsed became essential component in of his interior life until they exploded in his art with the “Ciclo dei Salinari”. Senise  autodidact artist free from aesthetics preconceived bonds, succeeded very shortly in drawing the art critics’ attention to his works for the value of their forms and of their contents.

He has taken very often part in the expositive life not only at a regional level, but even national and international.
Francesco Senise’s eclecticism and his willingness to experiment without ever dropping out his figurative research, leads him to masterfully pass the test of creating a new cycle of paintings.

This brand new series, dedicated to the Movies, the italian brands such as “Ferrari”, “Fiat”, “Nutella”, to the objects and to the sense of national identity that goes beyond the borders of a community, all drawn against a “mille Lire bills” background. So here’s the surfacing, from Senise’s colors, of faces, tales and symbols, all belonging to the feelings and the suggestions that marked Italian History, as well as the manners of our “Bel Paese”, which are presented with no frills in their most recognizable expressiones.

These are portraits of actors and symbols ,in whose pictures Francesco Senise captures a sense of place that suddenly turns into an encounter of experience, identity and state of being.

A “classic-flavoured” kind of canvas, which takes shape in the creativity of a contemporary artist, capable of talking about himself and truly moving.